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Our animals are sometimes lacking important vitamins and enzymes that they need to have a happy healthy immune system! Vitamins can help make up the gaps in their daily nutrition, and keep your baby thriving for years to come! We take a daily vitamin for extra support, so should they!

Discounts on Food and Vitamins

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One of the many things we pride ourselves on is how well trained, lovable, and gentle all of our fur babies are. With the right technique, patience, and persistence, we can help your new puppy learn all the basics in just a few short weeks! Need more in depth training? We have resources for you! Contact us for more details.

​​Basic Training and Social Events!

Our dog food and vitamin orders are big... and so is our client base! We want to pass our bulk savings on to you! We give your babies the absolutely BEST nutrition from the very start, and although its only required for the first 12 months, we hope that you will continue them on the same good nutrition for their lifetime. We've tried a bunch of other brands, but nothing compares to the results we have had with our nutrition program!

Our adoptions sell out fast, and our wait list can be long, but don't worry we have options for you! Your search stops with us even if we don't have puppies ready! We can help locate a puppy in ANY breed within our network of friends! We know how hard it is to find a good quality breeder, we have to do the work too year after year to find our own new puppies! Looking for a specific color? Breed? Pedigree? We can make it easy for you. All pricing will include transportation, AKC registration, our 1 year health guarantee, a new puppy kit, florida certificate of health from the vet, and photos and updates from our friends as we get them! You trust us, and we trust them. 

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Are you going on vacation or planning a trip right around the time you are expecting your new puppy from us? Is there a new human baby scheduled to arrive at the same time? We offer boarding for your baby! Don't let the dates scare you off, we can help get your new baby acclimated while you settle in too!

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